We are delighted to announce another one of our partners for this year’s Grass Routes Grand Fondo; FX Supplements Europe. These guys need no introduction as they fuel many of Europe’s leading bike riders and high podium Irish and UK athletes who swear by their products.

See for yourself on their Instagram @fxsupplements

Welcome To FX Supplements Europe

FX Supplements Europe www.fxsupplements.ie is your trusted online supplements store for a comprehensive range of supplements. We specialise in sport, digestive wellness, recovery and optimal health supplements. We are led by science and only stock science and evidenced-based supplements from the world’s leading and most trusted suppliers.

Our Model

We aid athletes to crush their performance goals. We are stockists of the leading brands, and we are trusted by Europe’s leading athletes to deliver maximum performance and recovery.

We Deliver, We Fuel, We Are FX Supplements Europe

Not only are we informed by science but we pride ourselves in not being limited by science. We explore and test the latest innovation in science-based products across the globe. This is a huge financial and time investment for the company, but our management team feels that this is what separates us in a market full of bro science and poor quality formulations.

At FX we do not manufacture our own supplements, we source from global market leaders and are channel partners in Europe for many of the world’s leading brands. Quite simply we supply the very best product available and always offer the client the supporting data to our claims.

What also sets us apart is that we test internally, in collaboration with our manufacturers and formulators with many international athletes, nutritionists, medical doctors, and some of the globe’s leading coaches. As well as being approved for sport, informed by science, tested on elite athletes we pride ourselves on our top results and consistency of podium at the highest level.

Crush Your 21 Grass Routes Grand Fondo With Our Offering 

If you are on the start line of the GRGF 21 we want to offer you a discount code to receive a discount on your supplements that you can use each time you buy


A supplement document and supporting video on how you cycle in these key supplements from eight weeks out from your event


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